Welcome to 2022! 

The year of Recovery!

There is no doubt we have been living through one of the most tumultuous times in many of our memories– indiscriminate viruses, extreme weather events, and various regions of political instability have caused us to reflect on the importance of having people you can truly rely on in your life.

During these challenging times, the team at Mt Kuringgai Medical has aimed to continue to support your health and wellbeing in any way we can by being available through face to face or telehealth consultation 7 days a week, and by connecting our patients with any of the services essential for themselves or their family members to remain safe and well despite the obstacles recently presented to or community.

In spite of all our modern technology, advanced medications, and access to vast quantities of health information on the internet, the doctors at Mt Kuringgai Medical can best provide the advice you can trust, and the support and treatment you need. By partnering with our GPs, you’re ensured of receiving effective ongoing coordinated care. Regularly consulting our doctors enables them to treat any medical condition you are experiencing by being familiar with your current situation and your medical history. They can develop personalised and appropriate treatment plans to optimize your health and well-being to ensure you get back to living well as soon as possible.