For a healthy life, healthy feet are a necessity. If you are experiencing foot pain or foot-related problems. Come see a friendly and highly experienced podiatrist.
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Quincy Tse
General Podiatrist
Quincy is a registered podiatrist who is interested in working with patients of all ages. He aims to help patients stay active and on their feet by assessing, diagnosing and treating foot and lower limb-related problems. Quincy is trained to manage a wide range of conditions including dermatological conditions such as tinea, corn, callus, verruca, fissures, ulcers, thickened nails and ingrown nails; acute and chronic foot and ankle pains and injuries including sprains, fractures, stress fractures, Morton’s neuromas, plantar fasciitis and plantar plate tears; foot and ankle related poor biomechanics causing legs, knee, hip and back pain such as medial tibial stress syndrome, platellofemoral pain syndrome and lower limb muscle aches and pains from overuse; and problems arising from structural or functional foot and toe deformities including pes planus/cavus, hallux valgus and other lesser toe deformities.
Walk in Appointments Available Daily