Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some of our top frequently asked questions answered for you. If you still have a question, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly staff.

Bookings are preferred with standard appointments set at 15 mins, but longer appointments can be requested for 30 mins. Please speak to our friendly reception team for any futher questions or requests.

Walk-in Appointments
Walk ins are welcomed, however patients with appointments will be given priority.

At Mt Kuring Gai Medical Centre, we’re committed to providing accessible and affordable healthcare to all our patients. 

Our clients pay approximately $40.00 out of pocket for standard consultations*. Procedures and other complex consultations will incur a higher out of pocket cost.

Children 16 and younger will be Bulk Billed for standard consultations. People aged 65 and over with a valid pensions card will be bulkbilled for Standard Consultations. Clients aged between 17 and 64 will incur a fee for consultation.

Did Not Attend fee of $30.00.

Dressing fees:
Basic Dressing $15.00
Complex dressing $25.00.

Skin Checks:
Full body skin check: $180.00
Procedures: $250
Biopsies $160
Flaps $350 to $450

*However, please note that specialised procedures, treatments, and allied health services may incur an out-of-pocket charge. Additionally, under certain circumstances, we may charge privately, even if you meet the above criteria. Please speak to our team to discuss fees applicable to your appointment.

Home Visits

Home visits can be requested for those unable to attend the practice for medical reasons and within a 2km radius. For more information on this please ask reception.

Patients requiring prescriptions (including repeat scripts) must see a doctor. This is to ensure thorough and proper medical care for our patients.
Medical Certificates
Medical certificates can be issued for work or school, but a doctor must be seen on the day. No certificates can be pre-dated from the date of the consultation.
Test Results
Patients must see a doctor in order to be given test results. No results will be given over the phone or via email. This is to protect your confidentiality and privacy.
Patients must see a doctor if they require a referral to a specialist. Please note it is not essential to have a referral to see a specialist, however, it is, if you intend to claim a rebate from Medicare.
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