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  • The World Health Organization has announced that COVID-19 is a pandemic. 
  • Find out what the medical centre is proving to help the local community and further advice on how to protect yourself
  • Coronavirus is a Viral disease that is spread by droplets dispersed during coughing, sneezing and touching droplets.
  • The virus is covered by a lipid layer. Using a good antiseptic which can break the lip layer will kill the virus quickly. If left alone this could last for days infecting other people
  • If you have flu-like symptoms, recent travel or contact history of COVID 19 PLEASE CALL US FIRST. Do not come to the centre. We can do telehealth and we will schedule an appointment and the doctor will call you back 
  • If you have flu-like symptoms and the doctor asked you to come into the medical centre, Please Wear a MASK when you come in
  • If the doctor directs you to a COVID swab test after telephone consultations, we have attached the closet collection centres and the contact numbers click here
  • Once you have the COVID swab test YOU MUST stay in self-isolation until the results come through. 

How to protect yourself

General measures: Good hand hygiene. Avoid congested places and work from home if possible. Wipe surfaces that you use regularly. Do not touch your face, mouth or eyes. Wear a mask if you have a cough, cold, runny nose etc. No handshakes for this time

Additional measures that doctors advise you to do early:

  • Obtain the flu vaccine as soon as possible. Do it as a family to protect the at-risk members in your family and community

Flu affects many of us in the colder months and only some people are eligible for a funded flu vaccine. This year more than any other year it is very important that everyone gets the flu vaccinated. If you develop flu and coronavirus together you will get very sick very quickly.


  • Patients with Respiratory issues and low immunity please obtain pneumococci vaccine

Following a viral infection, it is common for at-risk groups to develop pneumonia. This vaccine will protect you from the commonest bacteria that can cause pneumonia in our community


  • If you a have a new-born

It is very important your whole family gets vaccinated for whooping cough before you see the new-born.



What the Mount Kuring-Gai Medical Centre is doing to help our community?

  1. We are providing telephone consultations to patients consider themselves to be at risk of the infection or in self-isolation
  2. We will send messages to all our patients to obtain an early flu vaccination as soon as the vaccines arrive which will be very soon 
  3. We are armed with all other respiratory vaccinations including Pneumococci, Haemophilus and Whooping cough for patients who need them
  4. We will update our community via this web page as new information come in from NSW Health


  • Where can you get more information on daily updates of the cases in NSW

Please click here for the latest official medical advice and case numbers from the NSW health


Please call before coming into the centre

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